Too Upbeat for Cancer - Detailing A Rubbish Year And A Bit

Where Have You Been, Boardman?!


Welcome back. It’s been a while! I started this blog 5 months ago for reasons I’ve talked about more than enough. If you’re still with me and still enjoying it truly is appreciated. Over 40,000 views from over 25 different countries is incredible, but the response to the blog is unexpected and surprising and has weirdly slowed up my writing. I feel a greater sense of responsibility to do it right and do it well, and now most of the doctors and nurses who have and are currently treating me are aware of the blog it’s made me a little paranoid and self conscious when I write. This knowledge doesn’t mean I’ll suddenly start telling everyone that BASINGSTOKE COLORECTAL IS A WORLD CLASS CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE FOR TREATING COLORECTAL DISEASE – that would be crass and immature, but I must admit to a few jitters. It shall not change me! But in all honesty the delays are down to ongoing health problems that mean I haven’t had the focus to write as much as I would like to. You’ll hear all about them in forthcoming chapters – you don’t have a group of surgeons rummage around your insides and expect to skip away from it.

Anyway, I hope/think things are stabilised enough to get back to writing this thing. I’ve spent summer having all manner of tests and holes stuck in me, and now as I type I have five different holes in me draining all manner of fluids, including, a soupy, neon substance that had been lurking in Clarkson’s former habitat. With that out of me I can stop passing out in front of postmen. And concussing myself. Stuff like that.

Sorry anyway. The hiatus has been too long but just wanted you all to know Chapter 21 is on its way. Most importantly though, I need to mention that tonight, Mrs. Nicky, wife extraordinaire, is walking the Shine Midnight Half Marathon tonight. She’s crazy and wonderful, with so much already on her plate she’s been training away these last few months and doing a brilliant job of raising money for Cancer Research. So, if you’ve donated, thank you, if you haven’t, don’t worry, you still have time to donate at this website.

Massive love and thanks to the remaining brave members of Team Nicky – Michelle Hills, Sandra Roscoe, El Tiangga and Nicola Lukey. Kerry couldn’t ask for a finer, more supportive group of friends. I’m truly touched you’ve given up your time (and potentially some toenails) in my name.

See you all soon – it’s about time you heard about my exploding belly button!

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